Oprahs TwiMoms!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!

January 2, 2010 at 8:42 pm (Uncategorized)

OK…so as you can see, I am FURIOUS about the TWI-MOMs segment on Oprah yesterday!!! GAH!!!!!! First off, why do they have to meet in a basement???? Like the mafia or drug dealers? Because they have to be ASHAMED…that’s why!!!!!!!! TwilightObsession and ROBSESSION are things to be ashamed of….JUST AS THE INTERVIEWER ACTED LIKE!!!! That’s why we have to call ourselves TWI-MOMs???? So we can say we do this because we are bonding with our daughters????? Yeah, right!!!!

I am not interested in ROB or Twilight because of my daughter, I am interested for myself…I read fan fiction, visit Random acts of Rob Blog every day, perv on Rob regularly, have had sex with my husband more than ever, and am damn proud of my COUGAR status…and don’t really care who is uncomfortable with it….

BUT I refuse to call myself a TWI-MOM!!!!!!! OPRAHs little interviewee was a condensending beyyyotch and I wish she woulda come to the Cougar den, I would shown her a thing or two…like how Master of the Universe’s Bella would have handled her BS!!!!

GAH!!!! There are a lot of mature women who love this series who don’t have ritarded red carpets and hang out in basements!!!!!! We go out and rock the world with our energy and hawtness and we don’t care who knows that we love our Twilight. Well, actually this does show, why alot of my friends keep their Twilight and ROBSESSION on the DL….because they don’t want to be lumped in with these women orĀ  made fun of by this interviewer!!!!!

I am sick of this bullshit and just wanted to vent….thanks to all you cougars and those that support us…just becasue I turned 40 doesn’t mean I can’t get excited by life anymore…sorry if I make you uncomfortable…oh…no I’m not….

luv ya!


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